I got on the scales this morning – egad, up to 2 kgs! I nearly died then I remembered my sister and I made some very salty popcorn last night. I’ve been trying to drink buckets of water today to flush my system out.

I went for a run today. It always takes me so long to get motivated on Sundays – I sit around thinking about it for ages when I should just get out and do it. I guess having a lazy Sunday morning doesn’t hurt though.

For a while I debated going into the gym but the weather was so nice I wanted to run outside, plus it would waste an hour plus getting trams on a Sunday. Instead of my normal, boring track, I decided to run along the Merri Creek towards Collingwood (about 8.5 – 9 km). I haven’t done that in ages and had forgotten how many hills there are!

I couldn’t really get into it today and kept stopping to walk. I really had to push myself. I guess I’m still getting back into it after being sick but I expect myself to be able to be better than ever. I don’t think all the squats I did the other day helped either.

On the way, I found a public toilet that had real toilet paper in it. Woohoo – doesn’t take much to make me happy.

I felt really washed out and exhausted – I hadn’t eaten much so I think that’s why.

I had the yummest dinner tonight – I made Suzy’s Chicken Kiev recipe – which totally rocks. I didn’t roll it in breadcrumbs (oops) but it really didn’t need it. And I used ricotta instead of Laughing Cow cheese. The parmesan on top is a real winner. My fave thing to do with kiev is chop up some potato into thin slices and cook it in the same tray. I also steamed some carrot and spinach but forgot to check the bottom water and burnt my saucepan.

I definitely feel better with all that protein in my belly.


5 responses to “Sunday

  1. Mmm, yum. The Kiev sounds great! Sundays are my lazy day too and I think you did well just getting out. You must be still recovering so that makes sense but you’ll be back on track in no time at all. Lack of food definitely messes with your energy levels also. I hope you have a great week babe!

  2. I am so going to try that Kiev recipe, yummo. I don’t usually do anything on Sundays except play with my DS cos its our day together (DH works every Sunday) BUT yesterday I got on the exercise bike for 20 mins and it felt great. I must have picked up on your exercise vibes!! LOL.
    Have a great week,

  3. Yumm…. cant wait till i get a new oven. Well done on getting out there, we went out early and got caught in the rain.

  4. thanks for reminding me about the kiev. I woul love to come run with you one day but keep in mind I only run very short distances.

  5. Maybe it was something in the water yesterday. I felt extremely blah at the gym as well.

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