I picked up my dress off layby today. It’s so hot. I never want to take it off but I think I should to cook dinner. Photos to follow.

Tonight I did my first full on gym session since I got sick. It was good to get in there and get all sweaty. I did intend to stick around for boxing class but decided picking up the dress was more important.

When I got home, an invitation had arrived for my friend’s birthday. He’d emailed me earlier in the year – kind of a pre-invitation notice. We have hardly spoken in the last four or five years so it’s going to be a weird night. Pity I don’t have a hot date to drag along with me.


12 responses to “Dress

  1. You might not have a hot date but you’ve got your hot dress!! And I reckon they haven’t seen you skinny either, so you’ll be sure to turn some heads!!

  2. CaramelKitKat

    At least you’ll have a hot dress to wear!

  3. Who’d have thought we’d grow to love getting sweaty!

  4. Tomorrow is my full on gym session since the pneumonia and I too look forward to it!!!

  5. Can you wear the hot dress to the party? You will knock em dead. I had some full on gym sessions this week and agree about loving the sweaty feeling. Glad you are feeling better.

  6. LOL yep, love the sweat. Glad to read you’re better and can’t wait to see the dress. Seeing a friend after 4-5 years is definitely strange. Enjoy!

  7. Hey when’s the birthday? You may have a hot date by then and it looks like you already have your drtess sorted! Can’t wait to see the photos.

  8. You’ll be looking hot enough as it is!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the photo!

  9. I can’t wait to see the dress – I hope you wear it to the party and look hot (and no, not in the sweaty sense but in the hey good lookin’ sense). Glad to see you are feeling better and back into the gym

  10. i cant wait to see pics of this gorgeous dress! yay for getting back to the gym for a proper workout

  11. Looking forward to the photos πŸ™‚ You’ll probably wow everyone at that party! Good on you for returning to gym, glad you are better πŸ™‚

  12. Oooh well done for getting back into it! I wanna see this dress!

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