My sister was in town tonight from Sydney so we went out to dinner – me, both my sisters and my son. Ended up at the Spagetti Tree on Bourke Street. It was delish and I had a relatively healthy dinner but just ate too much. My belly isn’t used to all this food.

After dinner, my sister complained because she can’t eat much any more without feeling full. Then she remembered she’d had a late afternoon tea – 2 donuts and croissant. Mmmm, funny that she could only have an entree for dinner.

I’m going to try to get up early tomorrow and go for a run before work. If I don’t manage that, I’ll walk to work. I’m getting so frustrated with the lack of opportunities to exercise at the moment but I learnt something good today. I never go to morning classes at my gym cos they are on at 6.15. Screw that – I can’t start work before 9.00 so I’d have heaps of time to kill even if I managed to get there that early. But, Melbourne Central has 6.45 classes. I reckon I could manage that. Maybe.


11 responses to “Stuffed

  1. A morning class? You are a brave one! I would love to be able to get myself up early enough to do one but I love my bed much much more.

  2. I can’t eat so much these days either but somehow I still manage to stuff extra in and then i end up feeling very sick. Oh well. One day I will learn.
    You should give the morning class a serious chance. I LOVE my morning gymming sessions. REally gives me a boost for the day.

  3. When I first started exercising, it had to be early morning and it was torture but you do get used to it. I love getting up early now. It gets exercise out of the way so you’ve got more social or you time later 🙂

  4. The Spaghetti Tree used to be our hangout when we were in our late teens. I can’t believe it’s been around for so long. Have a great day Kathryn.

  5. That should give you time for a nice relaxing coffee and a read of the paper before you start wrok?

  6. Time – its such a precious commodity ay.

  7. walking to work is great, i walk to or from work as my exercise at the moment, i do better at walking when I walk with a purpose, somewhere to go, not just random walking, so certainly works for me!

  8. thinking it would be good to change your name to ‘irock’ because if you have lost 30 kgs you certainly do rock!! looking forward to reading your story:)

  9. wow, wow, wow! i’m only up to jan but i have to sleep. realised that you’ve lost !38! kgs not 30. i’ll be back tomorrow night for the rest.

  10. I love the Spaghetti Tree. Whenever we went to Melb for work that is where we would end up for dinner. Oooh the memories LOL.

    Well done on the morning class 😀

  11. finished! now i can think of another title suggestion ‘irunirockiam’

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