I didn’t go to work today – I’ve been resting. One minute you are enjoying rest, the next your brain is telling you that you are getting fat and the only reason you lost weight was because you were exercising so much and now you are going to put ALL the weight back on… and you are sick and a teeny chocolate would make you feel better…

Resting is evil. Evil.

Every time I read someone’s blog and they are talking about running or doing cardio, I get nasty little jealous thoughts and want to blow them up. I’ve been trying to work out how many calories you burn playing Spider Solitaire but I fear it’s not enough.

I did do something productive – I made up a batch of Slow Cook Moroccan Stew (recipe here) and froze up 4 batches of it then added some rice and left over sausages for tonight’s dinner.

Then I realised I shouldn’t be eating TWO sausages but it was too late. I’d et them.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to the doctors then to work. Well unless the doctor says I have some illness requiring hospitalisation. The other bad thing about rest is that you can look up the symptoms of all kinds of diseases, like bird flu, and realise you have them all.

I am so looking forward to not resting tomorrow.


8 responses to “Resting

  1. see instead of dwelling on exercising – u should’ve been getting some extra sleep 😉
    enjoy not resting tomorro!

  2. Good ole ‘Dr Google’.. hope you get better soon.

  3. Oh Kathryn LOL

    Thanks for providing the link to that recipe, sound delish!

    I’m certain you would have burnt more calories cooking than Spider Solitare, so at least that’s something 🙂

    Have a great day tomorrow not resting!

  4. I don’t care if you feel guilty/bad or annoyed about resting – it sounds like you bloody well need to!

    Glad you are feeling a bite better though and I totally know what you mean about excercise envy!

  5. Aren’t we humans odd.. We dream of having a day to rest and sleep and recoup and then when we get the chance, we end up climbing the walls and wishing we were back at work. I am very much like that too. I am sure you burned calories by thinking about killing all of us. It is definately a lot of brain movement 🙂
    Just take it easy and get better!!! Now go to bed!!!

  6. oh the bird flu line killed me. you rule, you ruuuuuuule.

    enjoy your unrest, luvvie!

  7. Hope you are feeling better now. The good thing is that you wouldn’t have had any evil thoughts about me for ages because I haven’t been exercising !!!!!!
    Hope the dr doesn’t find out you have bird ful.
    Cheers and look after yourself !

  8. LOL bird flu hey 😉 Take it easy hon and try *stop* thinking for a while, it’s no good I tell ya! There is no way in hell that you are going to put all the weight back on.

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