My sister and I might be playing football (real football that is – AFL style). We were talking about it on the weekend and then I ran into someone I know who used to be on a girl’s footy team and got the details from her. Sounds like they are pretty eager for players so hopefully we’ll make the team. This will be so much fun.

I have to learn stuff about football now. Like the positions and how to kick a ball and how to punch people without the umpire seeing. The only thing I know is footy cliches – like “a champion team will always beat a team of champions”. I’m sure that knowledge will come in handy.

Other than that, I’m trying to shake off this cold. I skipped the gym tonight and will skip tomorrow too (well I never go on Tuesdays – it’s my Novel class, but I’m skipping that). Hopefully, I’ll be well enough to exercise by Wednesday. I’m really trying to cut back on my food intake to make up for it. Not too drastically though – no point starving myself.

I’m not sure what to do about the gym if I start footy training – that will be three nights a week of no gym and I don’t often go on the weekend because I hate dragging myself into the city. I want to start running before work anyway so I have some nights free plus I have hand weights etc at home so I might put my membership on hold for a while. The only thing I *need* to go to the gym for is spin class and I can live without that. I’ll see how things go.

7 responses to “Woohoo!

  1. Playing footy sounds like a great idea. I’m planning to play ‘seniors’ touch rugby next summer, but I wouldn’t be brave enough for a full contact sport like you!

  2. Cool, footy for girls!! Sounds great!

    And thank you for the tip on Dimmey’s thermal sale! I think I’ll check it out!


  3. Wow, check you out playing football!

  4. LeisaB NewMe

    That sounds like a lot of fun – oh boy you are an active little bunny. I bet you never ever imagined you would have such a busy schedule – with exercies appointments 8-). I am glad that things are sorting themselves out with your sister….it just takes time I guess. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Take it easy.lb.

  5. footy sounds like a great idea! i think with footy training & your running, u nay not need the gym membership?

  6. AFL sounds like it would be a lot of fun with a bunch of people and shaking up your exercise routine is always a good thing. You will kick arse! I hope you get better real soon babe.

  7. omg so jealous! sounds so fun and wow AFL… now that looks like a crazy ass workout – you have to totally keep us posted!

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