I’ve eaten far too much crap this weekend. It started on Friday – I went over to my son’s place and ended up having to walk from there to the ATM for him (long story). The rain outside didn’t look too bad, but after a few blocks it got worse. Finally got to the ATM, chilled to the bone and with soaked feet and the lure of the Vietnamese place across the street sucked me right in. The noodle soup would have been okay, but no, I had to order spring rolls. Those lil buggers have 100 calories each but damn they are yummy.

Then last night, I visited my friend. He’s been telling me about the fish shop that sells thick flake for months. We were going to go there over Christmas and it was closed. We finally made it. Again – thick flake, not so bad. The chips on the side – bad.

On top of that has been all the treats and snacks and junk. What am I doing to myself?

I planned to run today but after a few kms felt like shite. Got to Princess Park and turned around and walked home. I’m still feeling sick and thought I could do it but nope. At least I had a decent walk. I spent the rest of the day having bed rest, well apart from cooking up a chilli and a big pot of soup.

Oh yeah, and things sorted themselves out with my sister last night. She went to the football with her ex then went out drinking with a bunch of old friends from when she used to live in Melbourne. I think it’s good that she’s doing that – makes for a bit less togetherness.


4 responses to “Weekend

  1. I love thick flake…. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. hey, as long as you enjoyed your treats & exercising some damage control now – its all good 🙂

    hope u are feeling right as rain soon!

  3. You cant be superwoman all the time – you’re soooo close – hang in there.

  4. Great to read that things have sorted themselves out with your sis and hey, if you are still sick…please take it easy and just do the best you can with your eating.

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