Weigh In – 73.6 kg

Back down to an all time low – woohoo! After all this yoyoing around, hopefully I can keep the momentum going now.

You know people always say you shouldn’t focus on the scales, that weight loss is more about making lifestyle changes than a number. Now, I tend to agree with that but I also think sometimes we need to focus on the scales.

To lose weight, you need to sacrifice short term satisfaction to achieve a long term goal. That isn’t always so easy (and makes no difference if you are 4 or 40 kg from goal). The payoff for resisting a biscuit or a chocolate bar is too far away.

I need to focus on the scales. I’ve rediscovered that this week. I need to make this a battle between myself and the evil numbers. I know this last 4 kgs isn’t going to disappear in my immediate future – I’m looking at 4 weeks minimum – but I do know that I don’t want the scales to go up this week.

I can’t make the choice between a chocolate now vs a 4 kg weight loss in my mind but I can make the choice between a chocolate now vs a lower number on the scales at the end of the week. It’s bringing the choice back to a short term reward vs another short term reward and this week the scales won.


I’m in two minds about going to work this morning. My Sick Mind is saying go back to bed and my Needing Money Mind is saying go to work. I think Sick Mind is winning. I still want to go for a run though – is that wrong if I’m having a sicky from work?


12 responses to “Weigh In – 73.6 kg

  1. Woohoo for a loss. I agree about the scales – I’m trying to weight less, but I still need to know how I’m going each week. I’ll concentrate on the end game later!

  2. No. You’re allowed to have a sickie especially if u are only paid the hours that you work. Think of how many days you’ve probably put in when u have been sick when you should’ve stayed home. It all balances out I reckon.
    I’m so excited for you to be so close to goal. Well done on the loss.

  3. WHOO HOO now that’s what I like to hear, so much happiness through your words 🙂

    I’ve been thinking that I’m going to join you in trying to get to 70kgs too now. You’ve got the right idea about the short term satisfaction sacrifice and it is only short term until you get the results you want so you can then maintain.

    Chuck a sickie, you sound like you need it and if you run, that’s okay too but just remember to listen to your body. No rules!

  4. I liked what you said about getting back to a short term goal that will help focus things in your head. I needed to hear that.

    Baby steps.

  5. LeisaB NewMe

    It’s definately all about focus and finding that magic “f” item whether it be scales/measurements/mental happiness is the biggest hurdle. Once you know what is and can “f” on that you are well on your way to success…..good luck with the next 4kg and have a great weekend.

  6. You have definitely turned into an addicted runner. I agree about the short term choices that need to be made. Sometimes focusing on little goals is much more positive than aiming for the long term.

  7. Great stuff on reachin that all time low. BUT if you are sick stay home and no running. PLEASE rest or you won’t get where you want to be weight wise PLUS you’ll end up sicker longer and that equals no dough too!

  8. I a big chat with my school kids today about exactly that… if your well enough to come to school, your well enough to run. (some trying to opt out of crosscountry training.) hehe Maybe the opposite should apply to work? If your not well enough to work, your not well enough to run?

    Oh by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!! heading the right way again. yay.

    I like focusing on the numbers… it definately helps!

  9. Yay for getting to an all time low!!

  10. whoohoo for virgin weight!!!

  11. ahhh… sooo true. really need to focus hard when you’re so close to The End. that said, i ate two kitkats yesterday that really won’t help the scales next week!

    well done on your weigh in 🙂

  12. Congrats on the ‘all time low’!!!! Excellent 🙂
    Hope you have a great week ahead, Ails x

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