Why have people insisted on telling me that I shouldn’t lose any more weight over the past few days? I should lose more… I’ve been up and down like a slut’s panties the last few days (although, a real slut probably wouldn’t wear any come to think of it).

I’m starting to think I went in too hard with the cardio over the Christmas period and now I have to do insane amounts of exercise to keep going. Sloth has it’s advantages. I’m also starting to think I need to work smarter not harder. And I have a new gym goal – to get showered and out of there in less than 30 minutes. I mean 30 minutes from the time I hit the change room, not 30 minutes including exercise. I can’t figure out where my gym time goes – it’s like some gaping abyss. So for starters, I’m going to stop chatting to gym staff.

Yesterday I sat around procrastinating for 2 hours about going for run. Finally got off my butt and ran for most of 12 km. The last half a k or so I had to walk since I called in at the supermarket to get stuff.

Here’s a handy tip for you: if you need to carry money on your run so you can get groceries on the way home, get the notes out of your bra before you enter the store. Foraging in your cup for money really lacks class.

But it was a great run. I ran to Princess Park, did 2 laps then thought I’d done enough and could walk home. Ha! No sirree, I thought again and cranked up the ipod and ran like the wind. The slow and cumbersome wind, but the wind, nonetheless.

Today I did some X-Trainer then leg weights then spin. Doing legs before spin class is downright stupid but I had to do something to fill in the time.


22 responses to “Lard

  1. I’m amazed at how far you’ve come with your running. Wasn’t it around Xmas that you couldn’t even do a full lap of AP? Good for you Kathryn. You’ll be signing up for half-marathons soon.

  2. Ha! Foraging in your cup for money really lacks class. You are too funny!

    Great job on the run! I love the way you push yourself! It’s a total inspiration to me.

  3. I hate too when people tell me “you are ok as you are, you should not loose more”. but weight is about how you percive yourself, not as others see you. So what the heck! I am only half done!

  4. lol at fiddling round trying to get money out or your bra!!!! lol

    cracked me up!

  5. Very funny story – love it!
    Don’t worry about what other people are saying, just do what you want. Other people don’t understand anyway. It just because you’ve lost so much and they’re shocked that you look so great and can’t imagine why you would want to lose more, but you need to get to your own goal and not worry about what they’re thinking. Have a great day,

  6. Kathryn you’re doing fantastically well with your running!

  7. I always stick the money in my bra and get weird looks fishing it out.. You are running so much I am envious. Good for you. I hav ealso had peopel telling me not to lose anymore. Strange isn’t it? Are they blind?

  8. you should loose as much weight as you feel comfortable, not what others tell u.
    hehe but bra’s are such great storage compartments! i have woken up after a big night out, got undressed to find my id & coins sticking to my boobs lol

  9. oh my god, your still seriously kicking butt with the exercise! I’m so very very impressed. (not that I wasn’t before of course)

    hahahah – funny, yeah the bra may be a good wallet, but not quite as easy to access in public.

  10. Wow! Nearly 12kms – I’m so in awe πŸ™‚ LOL at the bra/money tip!

  11. Wow – so many tips in one post. I will now remember to get money out of my bra before entering shops AND will remember that chatting up gym guys just wastes valuable gym time. Oh, and sluts don’t wear undies.

    I think people who tell other people they don’t need to lose any more weight do so out of their own insecurities and those people probably couldn’t run 12kms in a pink fit!

    I think you are brilliant πŸ˜€

  12. Hmmm, sluts panties visualisation – interesting….May have to steal that saying from you as it’s pure gold. I’m so impressed with your running – that’s so fantastic. Don’t stress about the weight comments – I sometimes wonder if people like to keep you a certain way so it doesn’t upset the status quo of the relationship – You are getting stronger, healthier and happier so don’t let other peoples perceptions of what is acceptable influence yours. Are you happy? Are you having fun? Have you reached your goals? These are the only questions you should concern yourself with. BTW I stick tissues in my bra

  13. omg 12km!!!!!! you are my new hero! I don’t think i’d manage 6 at this stage… I should give it a try though. At least I know I can cycle lots (unless I fall off my bike instead). You must lose as much weight as you feel necessary. Don’t listen to anyone else, you will know when you are happy.

  14. 30th anniversary Melbourne Marathon 2007???

    I’m game, if you are.

    Or just insane!

  15. LeisaB NewMe

    Hey Kath…hope you are ignoring those guys comments because you know where you want to be and keep focussed on that. Now there may come a time when we will tell you to stop losing weight but I would say you could more trust a fellow Loser(hehehe)with this advice. Boots sound great..luv the photo with the stripey tights and you just gave me a new goal to aim for – fitting into some funky tights for winter. Sounds like you are feeling good and be proud of how far you have come and all the work you are putting in. Have a great

  16. Just focus on your goal hey and not what other people reckon. I like the idea of working smarter not harder, good one and I hope it gets you home much earlier now too. Good going with beating the procrastination in the end after 2 hours! I’m impressed.

  17. CaramelKitKat

    Thanks for the tip, duely noted!

  18. Heya Kath! πŸ™‚ Just thought I’d drop in to say hey and thanks heaps for the welcome message – look forward to messaging back and forth, congrats on the huge weight loss too by the way- well done! πŸ™‚
    Luv Natt XO

  19. Heh heh, foraging in the cup!!

    Love the way you are constantly challenging yourself.

    Just focus on your goal and not on what other people think! You rock!!

  20. Wohoo for running such a long distance! You rock, girl!

  21. Ummmmm – I thought I was the only one who used the term “up and down like a slut’s panties”.


  22. That is so funny – I’m sure you made the shop assistant’s night! That’s amazing about running 12kms – I’m impressed!

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