The shoe shop had another pair of boots – same brand but just the plain, knee length zip up ones. I think I’ll be back next payday. They also had some great casual shoes. I love that place – cheap shoes rock my world.

These are my boots (well the original ones – it’s a very old photo).

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9 responses to “PS.

  1. Go the boots!

    I have a love/hate relationship with shoes myself.

    Take care

  2. Love the boots, I used to have a similar pair that I bought at Pump, I loved them and they were so comfy. But I wore them so often that they died a slow and painful death and I eventually had to give them a decent sendoff and try to get on with my life!
    Lucky you finding another pair the same.

  3. oh god, i understand the pain of loosing your favourite boots! long black boots are so foxy, glad you found yourself a new pair 🙂

  4. Great stockings !!

  5. By the way, did you want to tell us the story about why you were in the bathtub taking a photo of your boots? hahahahaha. At least that’s what it looks like.

  6. I think we’ll have to go to that shoe shop together some time!!

  7. Love the boots and your style!

  8. Cheaps shoes Rock my world too!

  9. Cool tights! When my calves finally get thin enough, I want to get a pair of boots like that.

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