What sort of cheese do you buy?

I’m very much on the cheese fence – sometimes I buy a yummy full fat vintage cheese thinking I’ll use less because it’s more flavoursome and other times I get the low fat option. I’ve never found a low fat cheese I really like though. Are there any good ones out there? I don’t see the point in eating a non-delicious cheese though.


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  1. I missed my train so I’ve got more time to blog now!

    Oooh, I love a greek cheese at the moment that I buy from my local deli. It start with K..Kefal…really long name. Yum! I then have to buy prosciutto, pickled gherkins and olives as well.

    I love cheese but sadly don’t eat much now but when I do, I eat the good stuff. I am yet to find a low fat cheese that satisfies. I don’t mind Light Bodalla but that’s more because of the name. It’s close to idiot in Croatian LOL, old family joke 😉

  2. Luckily I’m not a huge cheese fan -I like it but I’ve never let myself love it totally as I know I could never stop. Currently, I’m loving Danish fetta in salads. Quite a creamy taste and I couldn’t tell you what the fat content is as I don’t eat that much of it. On sandwiches etc I generally eat the Bega So Light (50% reduced) as I find it doesn’t taste like plastic. I also am eating a lot of low fat ricotta which is kind of yummy

  3. I’m loving lite cream cheese right now! its the best on an english muffin or bagel with fresh tomato & basil pesto. there is almost always cream or cottage cheese in the fridge. I also buy these cheese slices that are half a pt, mainland super low fat. not much taste but is nice in a cheese & onion toastie!

  4. I try to cut down on my cheese consumption, but when I actually do buy cheese it’s usually a really good one (read: full fat one). I don’t like the low fat or no fat cheese and for me there’s just no point in having something I don’t really like…
    I love cottage cheese though, and that’s low fat too!

  5. I’m with you, if i’m having cheese I want cheese, not a slice of something that resembles the colour of cheese but tastes like soap. What’s the use?
    As for low fat I like cottage cheese if i’m having toast, or the 5% philly is good. I use that instead of margarine.
    My favourite cheese of all time is the Castello range (Blue and White). White Castello, fresh crusty bread and strawberries (with a glass of champers or three!!). I love all cheese though so my list of favourite cheeses could be a very long post!! hehe
    Low fat fetta is great on home made pizzas too.
    I would be happy to hear of a low fat cheese that actually tastes like cheese!!

  6. i’m pretty easy to please in the cheese department… I normally go for the WW one. I’ve never been big on the cheeses tho….

    now you have me craving it LOL.

  7. As far as getting bang for your buck, I don’t think you can beat parmesan. A little bit goes a long way and you can put it on/in just about everything.

    There are some things that should just not be messed with, and cheese is one of them. However, if I am going through a salad sanga phase and need lower fat cheese I always get Coon Light pre-sliced.

  8. kefalotiri…hehe … this is the cheese Mary buys! Its the cheese we greeks use in pasta, or we fry it in olive oil and squeeze lemon on top (this is soooooo good!). But it aint low fat baby!

    If you like gouda though, the Milner brand is very low fat…I think it only has 30% of the fat of regular gouda. And its even tastier.

    You looked amazing in your last pictures, did I ever tell you this?

  9. another sarah ...

    Personally, whenever I get cheesy urges, I’d much rather go all out and eat the full fat stuff. One thing I can recommend is those Mainland cheese and biscuit packs, I always get the extra tasty or the edam. It’s nice knowing with those that the only portion of cheese I’ll eat is what’s in front of me (about 25 grams). I still love brie and camembert but eat them only sparingly now (or, rather, gorge myself on it for one night and then not touch it for a month!).

  10. I’m right into the Philly 5% Cream Cheese at the moment, with some Sweet Chilli Sauce poured over the top, eaten with some wafer crackers!!

    My all time favourite cheese is Cracker Barrel Vintage, but it is a rarity in our house now!

  11. Cottage cheese – full of flavour but probably not what you are after.

  12. DecreasingDebbie

    I totally agree – if you’re having cheese it’s got to be the best. I’ve never found a good low fat cheese and being as I can’t stop eating full fat cheese when I start i stay away from it on the whole. occasionally I’ll have a little bit of really mature cheedar – it has to be mature:D

  13. I am definitely a sharp, vintage, full-fat AND taste cheese kind of girl. I used to have a lot of the low fat cheeses but ended up not eating any becuase I didn’t enjoy it. Now I have the good stuff, but a lot less of it. At the moment I’m loving shaved Jarlsberg and prosciutto on turkish bread – grilled. Mmmm.

  14. Just remembered another one.

    I love Haloumi cheese wrapped in bacon and grilled….absolutely delicious!!

  15. I LOVE cheese and before this weight loss journey indulged to my heart’s content on King Island Brie and Camembert but unfortunately this is one thing I’ve had to give up. I use low fat cream and cottage creese, Kraft free plastic slices (as only half a point each) and low fat ricotta occasionally

  16. Gotta agre with Caramel. Mat and I invest in a good fresh parmesan. we use less, its packed full of flavour and we can use it on anything if we get a cheese urge.

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