I used to have a great pair of boots – long, lace up ones. I loved them. When I worked in the city last year, I’d often wear them to work then change into my runners to walk home. I didn’t want the extra weight of the boots weighing me down so I’d leave them in my drawer and take them home with me on the tram the next night. A perfect plan until one night: I had major crisis going on and spent the whole tram trip on the mobile trying to sort things out. I jumped off at my stop, still talking into my phone and only realised later that I’d left my boots behind. Nobody handed them in and I mourned for my lost boots (and, I swear to god, I saw a chick wearing them at a bar in the city a few weeks ago).

Yesterday I went to favourite shoe and they still had the same boots in stock. How happy was I? I *had* to buy them. You can’t argue with fate. But I didn’t even stop there – I had almost got out when I saw a great pair of shoes. Mary Jane style with a chunky heel. Only one pair left in stock and they fitted perfectly – I can’t fight that.


My eating has been out of control lately. I have no idea what’s going on with me. I just eat and eat and eat like a runaway eating machine. I have no idea why I’m doing this – I want so badly to get to my goal but I seem to be constantly putting food in my gob.

7 responses to “Boots

  1. It sounds like divine intervention was telling you to get those shoes! New day, new start – good luck for your eating. You can do this! I don’t know why we all seem to do this to ourselves!!!

  2. Everyone goes through these phases, some lasting longer than ohters. At least you’re exercising to get rid of some of the food you’re eating so you shouldn’t see too much damage. Plus, knowing you, it’s probably still healthy stuff you’re eating just too much of it. I hope it passes for you soon.
    As for the boots, sometimes fate just steps in and screams at you and you have to follow the directions “buy the boots”, “buy the boots” hehe. At least you didn’t have to choose new ones, the decision was out of your hands.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  3. The universe certainly was trying to tell you something so there’s no point fighting it. Lucky bugger if you were always able to wear boots, I guess it comes with star territory.

  4. I used to buy shoes…have so many in my cupboard that I’ve never worn it’s not even funny any more.

    But now my addiction has turned to trainers…keep seeing so many “bargains”, I have to use every bit of willpower not to keep buying them!

  5. Being a self confessed shoe addict, I love good shoe karma – if you are meant to buy a certain pair, things will just work out. Have a great week Kathryn, Ails x

  6. I love love love shoes. I love love love boots. And I love love love food. Sorry, not helpful – I know.

  7. Boots *drool*. I would die if I lost any of mine but how cool to find the same style again! Food out of control hey…stop it 🙂

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