Weigh In – 74.8

Up a kilogram this week – it’s not unexpected but still annoying. I seem to be hovering around this 73-75 kg mark forever. I really don’t need to do much to gain at the moment – my weight is like a frail butterfly. It wouldn’t be so bad if I’d gone out and had a huge binge-a-rama but it’s just all the little extras.

I’ve had enough. This is it. From now I’m going to be the Jackie Chan of weight loss – I’m going to kick 74’s arse then giving 73 a roundhouse kick to the head. I’m going to flatten the chops of 72. Near enough isn’t good enough for me.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I’m thinking of changing my goal to 65 instead of 70. When I started out, 70 shimmered on the horizon like a distant dream. It’s the top of my healthy weight range but I don’t know if I want to be the top of the range. I’d like to be somewhere around the middle and 65 sounds good to me.


12 responses to “Weigh In – 74.8

  1. You’re a machine Kathryn – you’ll get there… haaayaaa!

  2. Change the goal! Last time I did the weight loss thing, I hit my goal and didn’t make a new one. Now my goal is to try and get back there, keep making new goals.

  3. I think it is great to set a goal but keep in the back of your mind that it may change when you get there.
    Are we going to see a pic of the new hair cut ?
    Glad to see your sister is well and truly moved in – hopefully you can turn her into the gym junkie that you are and get her healthy along the way.
    I’m with you on a the microwave – would make life so much easier for you.
    Have a great weekend and good luck for the Mother’s Day Classic !!
    Cheers for now !

  4. Snap – I’d set my goal at 76 (top of my weight range), but now I’m thinking 72/73). Think I’ll get to 76 first though, and then decide! Have a great weekend.

  5. Go Jackie Chan…lol

  6. Gains are such killers babe. Maybe it’s time to change what you are doing and mix it up a bit cause your body is getting used to the running – maybe swap it for some spin classes or something. (Im no expert LMAO)
    ANyway wishing you luck! I hope all is well!

  7. I am glad you are taking the gain and making it your biatch!!!!! You really inspire me always!

  8. I’m hearing your frustration. I think its a good ideas to reset your goal – possibly saves you from subconsciously getting complacent. Good luck

  9. I love Jackie Chan and always thought you reminded me of him. ;D

  10. Bwahahaha, Jackie Chan eat your heart out! I don’t know if this will help but I reckon you should focus on getting to 70kg and then see how you feel. No rules hey!

  11. Good on you for whipping those kg’s off kung fu style!! Glad to hear you are not living solo any more. Always good to have a bit of company, even if you don’t need to talk it is helpful to know someone else is in the house.

  12. Kathryn – regarding protein shakes – they are very filling and come in a huge range of flavours. Good as a fill in if you don’t want to eat anything.

    I would definitely recommend them.

    And 65kg is an achievable goal if that’s really where you want to be!

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