I just signed up for the Mother’s Day Classic – woohoo! I wasn’t sure what event I wanted to do so put down the 8 km walk. I figure I can always run it if I want to and at least I won’t finish last. Is anyone else doing it?

I’m also thinking of trekking up to Sydney in August to visit my sister and entering the City to Surf.


3 responses to “Run

  1. I’m thinking of doing the sydney version of the mother’s day classic – is that the one sponsored by Sussan???? I thought about the city to surf but am not 100% sure of my fitness. Mind wants too but body is not so sure. I guess the MDC would be good training.

  2. Me, me me!!

    Please come and say hello…you know that we’ll all be very easy to find as we’ll have pink ribbons in our hair (not sure where the guys are going to put theirs!!) and we’ll be drinking champagne after the race…..yippee!!

  3. Ah, so we’ll be able to meet, whoot! We’ll have to organise a lunch/dinner/drinks around your visit šŸ™‚

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