Hair Cut

I decided today I couldn’t stand my hair for a moment longer so I got it cut after work. It’s a worry getting a last minute appointment because you have to wonder why the stylist isn’t booked out but I took the chance. I went back to the salon I went to last time — they are very pricey but they are also good. Plus they have massage chairs. I’m a sucker for a massage chair. I also got a complimentary hand massage tonight. Score!

It’s not quite what I wanted – I think it looks more like a ’20s style bob than a ’60s mod bob but I really like. But I think I want to change the colour now. I’m thinking some big chunks of bright red through it.


My sister has well and truly moved in. She wants to train with me but she is so unfit so makes it difficult. We walked to the supermarket the other day and she was struggling. I had to walk behind, poking her. She is all sickly and asthmatic as well as being unfit. But she’s coming to the gym with tomorrow.


I really think I need to invest in a microwave. It’s so hard managing without one. By the time I get home after the gym, I’m buggered so it’s a major effort to cook up a healthy meal. I like having good food in the freezer that I can just reheat. And yeah, I could reheat it on the stove but that’s a pain in the butt.

I also want to get a saucepan. I only have one biggish one and it has a dodgy handle. I’ve tried rescrewing it but can’t tighten it. I had a look in a homewares shop near work today and they had a big, stock pot size saucepan that came with a pasta colinder (sp?) and a steamer for $69. It was tempting but then I realised I’d have to take it to the gym with me after work. The problem is that I go to the gym every night so it’s never convenient to have a large saucepan on me.

The third thing I have to invest in is boots. Why is it when the heels are right, the tops are wrong and vice versa? I just want a plain boot with a mid-height chunky heel in black. At a reasonable price. I’m going to try my fave shoe shop this weekend – it’s on the other side of the city so I’ve delayed going there but I have to trek across town on Saturday anyway so hopefully I’ll get lucky.


I’m not hopeful about my weigh in tomorrow — I think I’ll have a small gain but I’m not too worried. Now I’ve started tracking again, I’ll soon be on top of things again.


3 responses to “Hair Cut

  1. You can get decent microwaves at Kmart and Target for about $80 or $90 when they’re on sale. Funky chrome ones too, not dodgy 80’s looking ones!

    I couldn’t live without a microwave! David and I lived together for three months before our wedding and we didn’t get a microwave until we got one as a wedding present! Those 3 months were hard!

    It can be hard even just walking with people who aren’t at the same fitness level as you!! I was just strolling along Sydney Rd with my sister in law last Saturday, only to find she was about 200m behind me, and struggling to keep up!!

    Hope you have a great weekend and can find your dream boots 🙂

  2. Whooo hoo for the Mothers Day fun run. That’s brilliant. Hope first prize is a brand spanking new microwave with a great pair of boots inside.

    Know what you mean re the boots too. I ended up getting ones with higher heels because all I wanted was a plain pair of black boots. No buckles, no flashy bits, no fold down bits, no scrunchy bits. But seems they aren’t doing that in a chuncky heel this year – well not in my size anyway 😀

  3. You and M have seriously got to get some digital cameras! *drool* massage chairs at a salon, nice. Big chunks of red in a 20’s bob, even better! I reckon that would really suit you.

    Great to hear that you sister wants to join you in working out. It sounds like it’ll be a little work to adjust to working out with someone not at your level but I reckon you’ll work out a routine. Share some, solo others.

    If you haven’t bought a pan yet, can I suggest a Tefal (Jamie Oliver). They are SUPER for cooking with no oil. I use mine for everything now. I used to always buy lots of cheapies but one good investment and your set!

    And boots, love ’em true. Good luck finding a decent pair! I hate *fashion* for this reason.

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