Last night, I went to see Martha Wainwright. Damn, can that girl sing! It was fantastic.

But, onto weight loss. For the past month or longer, I’ve been up and down with my weight. Everything seems much harder and I’ve been telling myself it’s because I’m close to goal. With only a few kilograms to lose, my weight has been reaching a “set point” and wants to settle around there.

But, you know, the honest truth is that I’ve been eating too much. I haven’t been tracking my food and the treats – chocolates and glasses of wine – have been steadily sneaking in. It’s not like an all out binge, just bad habits that need to be beaten back into submission with a big stick.

I think the only way I’m going to beat this is to go back to counting calories. I need to keep myself honest and, even though it’s a pain, counting calories is the best way for me to do it.

Seeing Phil reach her goal and Angie almost there has been a kick in the pants. There is nothing *magic* about getting to goal – just honest work. Same as it is at any time with weight loss.


7 responses to “Floundering

  1. You are so close Kathryn and you CAN do it too. Go for it!!

    I really think counting calories (or points) does work and gets us in the habit of knowing how much food we can eat and still not put on weight.
    Best of luck for your new start.

  2. I have been having teh same problem. Complacency sets in doesn’t it because we ar ein so much better shape than a year ago. Trouble is those bad habits creep back and the weight does to. You will get therr soon though.

  3. I’m sorry, but the heading of your post made me picture you wading along the edge of a lagoon at night, torch in one hand, spear in the other, catching flounder! See, I’m still a country girl at heart. As I think you’ve commented, you and I are stuck at about the same impasse at the moment. Hopefully Phil’s success will spark us up!

  4. Exactly what I have been thinking about myself. I began wallowing in self-pity because I hadn’t reached goal but truth is I have eating too much and moving too little. BUT we can all go back to doing what is needed to be done.

    You can do what needs to be done. Yep counting calories is a pain (just like counting points is) but if it helps to reasses portion sizes and types of food to eat, then it is a huge help.

    If I post any more recipes I will put calorie details up too šŸ˜€

  5. exactly! i agree, honest hard work with the key word being honest! if we are honest to ourself, we know wy we are bouncing around the same weight, cause once we are back to stayign within out points/calories limit & exercising we start losing again…calories in calories out..why is it we make it more complicated than that! LOL

    I too am getting serious about getting to goal, enought stuffing around!

    i am going back to calories, i am a member of Calorie King (used to be dietclub) and so it is easier than me writing it down as i just search the database and record my daily eating. havign a break from points and doing this – but both are much of a muchness really.

    it’s funy, we feel like all is going okay, till as you say, extra treats start sneaking in, and we get to the point where this is happening more often, then everyday!

    You are close and with your refreshed attitude, u will be there so soon!

    u r a true inspiration! šŸ™‚

  6. Bloody fantastic post and a crucial one for anyone starting this journey! You hit the nail on the head. Whilst you’re losing weight, you have to be a little vigilant but when you’re maintaining, that’s when you can enjoy more treats again but in moderation of course. You are so close now, keep going!

  7. counting calories is a good way to to get everything back in check, you’ve done amazingly well & getting close to goal, so I can imgine how a few untracked treats could creep back in.
    i’m sure we’ll b seeing you at goal soon!

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