Fun House

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a fun house. You know, the room with the weird-arsed mirrors. When I see my reflection, I’m either much fatter or much thinner than I am in my mind.

After the gym today, I wandered through Target with no intention to buy, after all I have no money until payday. I really need a coat though. Is it just me or do other people suffer from the cold so much more now? I have to say this for fat, it’s damn fine insulation. Maybe I should have kept some it around to line my walls. All my life I’ve hated those thin chicks who bitch about the cold. “Get some meat on ya bones,” I’d yell at them. And now I am one!

So I saw the cutest duffel coat with a furry parka style hood. I had to try it on. Just had to. I checked myself in the mirror and was like – “holy shit, I’m THIN!!!” It hit me like a right hook from Mahammod Ali. I’ve thought before that I look better or thinner, but never thin.

Of course, next time I look in the mirror, I’ll be expecting it and I’ll be amazed at how fat I am but, for now, I have the thin image of me in my head.

Anyway they have 25% off coats at the moment and it might not have been there on pay day and I’ve already dipped into my rent money to get my Martha Wainwright ticket so I thought what the hell? Did I mean I look like a full on 60s mod chick in it? Did I mean I love my coat? Which might be real handy when I’m using it to cover me on that park bench I’ll soon be calling home.

This has completely solidified my decision to get a 60s style mod hair bob – shorter at the back with layeredy bits curling onto my face. Oh yeah, and the home colour looks fab. I really like my hair darker. (And, for M, it’s a Soft Colour – semi permanent).

Priceline also had these Garnier highlight kits for pretty cheap and they looked easy to use so I think I might put some highlights in next week. They only came in various blonde shades though and I’d prefer red but then everything goes red in my hair anyway. The only time I’ve ever sucessfully gone blonde, it took three applications of triple strength bleach and my scalp has never been the same since.

It’s almost definite my sister is moving in next week. She’s sold her car and bought her plane ticket. She thought my mum would be upset but mum is pleased to see the back of her – lol. I have mixed feelings about it – she can be a burden at times (and if you are reading this, Anita, stop snooping around on my computer) but it means she can supervise the eveness of my highlights and do other girlie girl things with me.

Finally, for everyone who commented saying they don’t know who Martha Wainwright is – you should check her out. In the immoral words of Molly, “do yourself a favour”. You won’t regret it.

11 responses to “Fun House

  1. whoohoo for thin thoughts! you’ll have to post an updated pic.
    btw, garnier multi highlights are easy as! i have them through my hair at the mo

  2. I have definitely found I am colder this autumn than I was last autumn – I was nearly 30kg heavier, so that’s why – it didn’t click until I read this!! I just kept thinking it must be a change in the eco system or something!! (what a nong!)

    I need a coat too! Might check out Target tomorrow if they’ve got 25% off – thanks for the tip!

    And enjoy Martha on Monday!

  3. I think your hair would look phenonmenal in that bob style.

  4. yeah for having the image of being thin, and for getting into the 73’s. woohoo. the colour in the hair sounds nice.
    have a good week

  5. oooh 60s look… love love love that. i think that’d be a tops haircut! go for it!

    and yes, i feel the cold more too! sitting here in ugg boots and trackies on this glorious scottish spring day (14’C)

  6. I am having less trouble coping with the cold than I used to – I think it’s because I’m fitter so my circulation is better.

  7. Thanks for the update. I have been snooping around Priceline but thought I had better wait until after the Fitness Expo. I couldn’t bear it if I had stuffed up AND had to meet Cath and Mary.

    Whooo Hooo on thin coats. When will you realise you are a healthy sized sexy slightly crazy women who is going to look good in anything.. ANYTHING!!!

    And I bought a coat in Target too. Even though the rest of my winter wardrobe is black, black, black with a bit of grey or cream, I bought a BRIGHT RED coat. And I LOVE it. LOL.

    Have a great time tonight. Looking forward to the review (which I will have to read at work on Thursday as the home PC is not working terribly well at the moment)

  8. What a great feeling to think that while looking in a mirror!!!! Wow 🙂 Although I’m still well ‘insulated’ I’m definitely looking forward to the day when I HAVE to buy a new coat! You’ll have to post a photo when your 60s mod look is complete! Have a great time tonight, btw!

  9. I haven’t lost much weight, but I’m feeling the cold more than ever!! Its crazy!

  10. Could we be feeling colder because we are wearing less clothes to *hide* and quite possibly going out more etc 🙂

    Great to hera about your sister moving in. I think it’s fun to live with girls (I grew up with 3) but then I’ve only really flated with boys, go figure. Sisters are different though. I hope it works out well for both of you.

  11. I have the same affliction and I have decided that it depends on what I’ve eaten and what I am wearing.

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