Weigh In – 73.8

Finally, the 73s. I’ve been waiting to get here for the last month. It really has been the most bumpy month in my weight loss and the first time I’ve had a real set back. Thankfully, I’m back down to pioneering territory.

I think the longer you spend losing weight, the less fluctuations of the scales mean to you. Sure it’s always nice to see a steady decline but, when you’re starting out, a slight gain one week is a huge disaster. Even a small loss is hell. I remember a few weeks in, I only lost a few grams and I was devastated.

Now I realise that weigh in isn’t like getting an exam back. It’s not like getting a pass or fail grade. And it definitely isn’t a reward or punishment from some great scale god somewhere. All it is, is a reflection of how much I weigh at a specific moment in time and that reflection can include many non-fat related factors.


This isn’t weight related but I decided ages ago I wanted to see Martha Wainwright when she toured. Then, because I had to wait so long to get paid, her show last Thursday was sold out. That made me very sad until I got the street press this week and saw a second show announced. Except that I again had no money and the show is on Monday night. I debated spending my rent money on a ticket – my landlords come around to collect the rent in person and I never know if they are going to turn up. I thought of ringing to see when they plan on coming around but that might remind them that I owe rent.

Yesterday, I phoned about tickets and found out Monday night’s show had sold out but she was also doing one on Tuesday. I ran down after work and scored my ticket. When fate is screaming at you to do something, you have to listen.

So anyway, since no one else I know is into Martha Wainwright so I’m going alone on my own. I’m a bit nervous about that but I’d much rather go on my own than not at all. I’d much rather go on my own than drag along someone who doesn’t want to be there.

Still I do get a bit self-conscious about these things and imagine everyone is thinking looking at the loser with no friends even though I’ve never thought that if I’ve ever seen someone alone at a band. Actually I’ve never even paid attention to whether someone is alone or not.


Btw. I dunno if anyone noticed this but I had a typo in my weigh in weight last week. I said I was 24.5 kg. Thank God that’s not true.


7 responses to “Weigh In – 73.8

  1. Well done on getting into the 73’s – good for you.
    You are right – the number is just a number for you at a given point in time – I have never thought of it like that so thanks for putting that thought out there.
    I have no idea who Martha Wainwright is but I hope you enjoy the show – I am fate decided to work it out so that you could go.
    Have a great weekend and take care !

  2. 24.5 – how very alarming!

  3. Whooo Hoooo. That is fantastic Kathryn. And well done for going to do something you really want to do. And you never know you may see a gorgeous, hunky, straight guy who also has no friends (LOL only kidding) and he may respond well to a great pick up line. I don’t have any so can’t offer any suggestions though..

    And how did your hair colour turn out. I am a huge fan of the chocolate and you reminded me I need to go and get my hair done. But as money is tight I wouldn’t mind experimenting with a DIY kit. If you are happy with the results do you mind letting me know which kit you used. Thanks 😀

  4. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! i am so, so jealous. I looove Martha Wainwright. She is on cardio rotation this weekend. Gareth got me hooked on her. I hope you have a brilliant time 🙂

  5. no idea who martha wainwright is either! but hope u hav fun!
    73 kg, how much hav u lost in total now??

  6. Congrats on getting into the 73’s! And what a great attitude towards the numbers on the scale! It’s good to have someone put it in the right perspective once in a while, because I get so easily fixated on those bloody numbers…

    Have fun at the show and enjoy your weekend!

  7. LOL! I often contemplate spending my rent on something else like a one off gig too. I reckon going by yourself is really cool 🙂

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