Lately I’ve been thinking about chocolate – not to eat but for my hair. So tonight I popped into Priceline and got a hair colour. I’m just waiting for it to process now. So, spookily enough, when I went to pay I joined their club and got a free box of chocolates. A cheap version of Guylan shells. I’ve put them in the fridge and keep telling myself it will be low quality chocolate so not to bother opening them.

I had breakfast with my sister this morning. Not much to eat but three cups of coffee. I guess that’s excessive but I normally have a large takeaway one so I figure it’s about the same. Maybe. I did feel jumpy for a long time afterwards.

During breakfast my other sister called. She’s decided to move to Melbourne, into one of the spare rooms in my house. On Monday. I’ll believe when I see it. It made me panic though, what if I can’t sustain my new habits with her around? It’s a lot easier to get off track when you have a partner in crime.

That made me wonder about what I’m doing. Is it just to fill in time? Something I’ve taken up because Andrew left home and I had empty nest syndrome? I don’t think so. I’ve been lucky that I’ve had ample time to fit my exercise schedule into my life but, even when I’ve been flooded with work and other commitments, I’ve found the time to go to the gym and I’ve made the effort to eat well.

I guess whenever something or someone new comes into our life we have to work out if they are going to fit into the gaps we already have or if we are going to make those gaps wider to accomodate them – and if so, what do we sacrifice in the process. Where do I place in ME in the priorities of my life?

Now I must go wash off this colour.


3 responses to “Chocolate

  1. oh, you’ll hav to show us how the hair turns out!
    maybe u could encourage your sister to get into your new healthy lifestyle?

  2. I think you should keep yourself as priority No. 1. I like KT’s idea about getting your sis on board.

  3. I reckon, just be true to yourself babe and do the best you can in any circumstance.

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