I was going to buy myself one of those humpty dumpties with chocolate beanies – they were half price at Coles – but then I read how many calories are in them. Holy moly, I don’t need that.

I went to High Performance RPM tonight. I had planned to do a quick run on the treadmill as well but I only thought that because I’m a fool. You do very little after High Performance RPM. It should be called High Pain RPM. We kept doing these rides where you bump up the resistance and stand then sit down without taking off the resistance, then put on my resistance and do it all over again. I could hardly turn the pedals.

I swear I was on a dodgy bike cos I only had to turn my resistance a teeny bit and it was insanely hard. It was hard going with NO resistance. Last week I had my resistance up nearly the full way on the bike I had. You’d think they’d calibrate these things but it seems not.

Yesterday I decided not to exercise because I wasn’t feeling great but then I felt guilty so I went for a walk. It really annoys the hell out of me walking down Smith St during the weekend – the place is full of people going into the sports outlet shops buying expensive runners when they so obviously don’t exercise. I’ve never liked or worn runners as casual shoes and I think it’s damn foolish to spend all that money unless you have a specific reason for it – ie. unless you actually run. Sometimes I feel like getting behind them with a cattle prod and making them use their shoes properly. Mostly I’m just jealous because I need new running shoes and can’t afford them for a while.

Also, is there any advantage to buying label name sportswear? I buy most of my gym stuff from K-Mart. I’ve been into the factory outlets a few times but even when it’s reduced, it’s so much more expensive and I can’t see any difference. No way in hell would I pay $50+ for a pair of tracky pants. Well not unless there is some secret ingredient in them that would make me run faster or better.

6 responses to “Tuesday

  1. Bugger about the Humpty Dumpty!!

    I wear a pair of trackies I got for $6 from Deborah K at Highpoint for my runs, and they are fabulous! There’s no way I’d pay $50 for a pair of trackies!! K-Mart’s the way to go!!

    But I’m with you, I need new running shoes. The old ones are getting a bit worn out. Birthday present maybe.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. The only sports ‘clothing’ I would consider getting in the future would be a running shirt, because they breathe better than my Target hold the sweat in ones.

  3. E-BAY!! I went to a running specialty shop, they gave me some options, I then went to Ebay & bought the $110 pair of shoes for $36. That is some good stuff right there!

    Sigh, but now that I’m getting into cycling, it seems that I will be forced to pay insane amounts of $$ for cycling shoes & shorts.

  4. I’m with you. Runners are only for exercising. I only spend $ on runners and my latest pair (which I adore) were a birthday pressie from a few family members. I’m usually a Target trackie girl but last week I saw a nice one in there for $80, so not sure what they are doing with their prices..

    Well done on the RPM class.

  5. I’ve gradually built up a small wardrobe of good quality running stuff, which I wear when I enter a race (well it’s more like a fun run to me) and wear all my old t-shirts and 3/4 length tracky pants when I’m training.

    The Dri-fit tops really do take away the sweat, and they breathe, which keeps you much cooler.

    And Ebay is definitely the way to go. Or try the Sale rack at Rebel or one of the other sports stores. Sometimes you can score a really good bargain!

    Got my current trainers in Athletes Foot for 1/2 price, down to $100 from $200 because the new model was coming out!!

  6. I reckon wear what you’re comfortable in! I have funny feet though so I need to make sure I have a decent pair of shoes. JayKay has some great advice there!

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