Soap Operas

I watched The Biggest Loser last night for the third time since it started and it seems more like watching a soapie than a show about weight loss. Is there some kind of gay love thang happening between Bob and Andro? There is some serious chemistry going on there. I was having a fit when he was making Andro lift the weights – the form was all wrong!

I haven’t watched enough to know what the whole drama with the weird facial hair dude was but I had to laugh when Jillian accused him of ‘water loading’ – I mean where would you learn a trick like that if not for the first week of the competition?


4 responses to “Soap Operas

  1. another sarah ...

    Wow, you’re lucky you haven’t become addicted! It’s become a really lame addiction for me, I have to watch it every night or at least every Monday and Friday. I’m thankful it’s ending this week as it’s becoming less about weight loss and more about backstabbing. And Ajay shits me to tears!
    I heard a rumour that Bob and Fiona have a thing going on but I think Bob is gay so I doubt the validity of that.

  2. another sarah ...

    Doh, I meant to say that it became less about weight loss and more about backstabbing and allegiances over a month ago.

  3. I am a biggest loser addict like Rosa .. should I stand up and recite it? “Hi I’m Louisa and .. “. I’ve been kind of disappointed with the Aussie effort (being an Aussie myself).. because as you both have so astutely pointed out, it seems to be all about bashing each other this time around.

    Oh yeah, and I’m with you Rosa .. Bob is definitely gay .. shame.

  4. I watch it most nights simply to make sure I cycle each night for at least 30 minutes. It kind of lost the plot but I still think the core idea of it is alright. I don’t like how they’re focusing on all the bitching and utter bullshit. Oh well. It’s been a success for so many people though and has motivated a lot of people. I can’t believe how many people are exercising in my local park now!

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