BDO 2006

Me, looking like a hard faced old scrubber on my way to the Big Day Out in January.

Me in tiara - Jan 2006

Me in my tiara – Jan 2006

Makeover Expo

Me with Jadey after the Makeover Expo.

I really should get myself one of those newfangled digital camera things so it doesn’t take 4 months for me to post photos.

5 responses to “Photos

  1. You so don’t look like a hard faced old scrubber!! LOL. You look very slim and very funky. Happy Easter. Have a great day.

  2. Wow Kathryn, it is hard to believe you could have ever weighed 110kg looking at your photo! At least you know how to put your photos on your blog – that’s still in the too hard basket for me at the moment

  3. While I was on the lookout for a scrubber I couldn’t help but notice how great you look! Esp those stems – a benefit of being a star I suppose.

    I agree w grover, you’d never know you once weighed 110kg. Are there any friends left to surprise? You would have to forgive them if they ignored you in the street. Oohhh, the possibilities have got me all excited, thanks for taking my mind of chocolate today!

  4. Look at you girl! You are looking fantastic 🙂

  5. These look like still shots from a kick ass rock video! Love it – you look great!!

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