I bought the Herald Sun today for the first time in my life so I could get my race time for the R4tK and scrolled through the lists for my name. I checked and double checked. Nothing. So I emailed the paper and they told me that they take responsibility but there was a disclaimer that they don’t guarantee to publish all results.

Then later in the day I got an email from a friend asking if I had even gone in the race because she hadn’t seen my name in the paper…. arrrrggh! It said on the front of the paper – results for all runners, not all runners except Kathryn and Linda.

I don’t care about my time being published, I just want to know what it was. I’m so disappointed about that.


I have the most weird-arsed body shape. The magazines and people in the know call it apple shaped. I have thin extremities and carry all my weight around the middle. I don’t think apple is the right way to describe it so today I decided I’m not an apple, I’m a star!

Whilst thinking all that, it dawned on my that my body shape is never going to change. It’s going to shrink but I’ll always have the same shape. This wasn’t what I planned. In my mind, the thin me wasn’t a ‘Honey, I shrunk the Kathryn’ version but my face on someone else’s body. I want my money back — do I get a refund for this?

I think abs are the hardest thing to reduce (although I can imagine everyone thinks this about their least favourite body shape). The thing is, with other bits you can work on reshaping as you reduce them but with abs, you basically have to strip every smidgeon of fat off your torso before the results even show. By that time, my arms and legs will be sticks. Surely there must come a time when my belly decides to give up it’s fat. My dream is to one day know for certain if my belly button is an innie or an outtie.

In the meantime, I just have to remind myself that I’m star and I shine.

13 responses to “Star

  1. Can u believe I had an email from the marketing d*ckheads in our Head Office asking me to return the T-Shirt because I hadn’t entered the run… Lucky I overtook a guy from work and bumped into a couple of others who could vouch for me… Stoopid Herald Sun – I also emailed them and got the same response as you.

    I am always going to be a pear.. No matter how ‘small’ I’ve been in the past I still look like Jessica Rabbit. Keep on shining..

  2. You are a star. And you should be pissed at the paper. I would have been. When I do the C2S they bloody put my name in there. Perhaps I should start writing to them now LOL.

    I’ve been wondering about the abs thing. Mine are non existent and I wonder if I will ever have them. Does having children exclude you from having good ones?

    I like your star shape idea. Who wants to be an apple anyway 😀

  3. If you are a star then I think I am a lava lamp blob. I know what you mean about getting thin bits. My hips and ass are stuck at the same size while my boob and back disappear.

    What a pisser about not getting to know your race time. Muppets.

  4. oh, my dear, I just fell in love with you! what an absolutely wonderful way to look at our bodies! I’m that concentrated-at-the-middle weigh way, too, and it brought a huge smile to my face to think of this in such a positive way. We ARE stars! And we certainly do shine! Thanks so much for realizing this and pointing it out! big hugs to ya!!!

  5. Hmm, can you come up with a better name than “pear” for those of us with that body type. I mean, I like pears, but when I look at one I don’t necessarily want to think, “Yep, that’s my body alright.”

    Unlike the apple, even if I don’t have a 6-pack, I can often feel the fat coming off my tummy almost immediately after I start eating well and working out. However, it takes absolutely forever for me to see a reduction in my bum and saddlebag thighs.

  6. Hey – thanks for that – I feel much better saying I am a star rather than an apple !!!!
    Sorry to hear that they didn’t publish your time – have you contacted the organisers – they would probably be the people who would give the names and times to the newspaper to publish (or have I missed the point and The Herald actually organised it ???)
    Have a great week and I hope you find out your time somewhere along the line.

  7. Bummer abvout the results. And I love your apple metaphor. I seem to be a pear and will never lose my big middle. You are right lets ask for a refund, only who would we ask? I am sure I need to blame the children and the surgeons. When they cut me up they should have tightened things for me not just left it all to hang out.

  8. Bummer abvout the results. And I love your apple metaphor. I seem to be a pear and will never lose my big middle. You are right lets ask for a refund, only who would we ask? I am sure I need to blame the children and the surgeons. When they cut me up they should have tightened things for me not just left it all to hang out.

  9. The Points Cafe

    2 people have told me they can’t find my name either. At least I remembered to take my watch, even though I had to go back home to get it. Lucky I had just started walking down the street when I remembered I had forgotten it!
    My stop watch told me 34.04 for 4.5km’s. I was happy with that.

    I’m not a star…I’m the opposite. What is the opposite to a star? I have a slimish middle & a flat bum but I have fat arms, legs and a round face? Im’s a freak! LOL

    It also upsets me I will never have legs that look good in a short skirt or shorts or 3/4 pants or even high heals. That really messed with my head when I realised it. It still depresses me 😦
    XX Shontie XX

  10. I can’t believe how jibbed you were by the Herald-Sun – I didn’t really care that my name was in there, it was good to know my official time, but what I found the most interesting was my time, but also my placing amongst the thousands. Stupid paper…..

    Love your star/apple analogy! I like I’m like Shontie – no arse, (slowly slimming torso) but big arms, legs, head/face…. ~groan~

    Happy Easter!

    Ails x

  11. You are a star beautiful! As for the abs, I am now a firm believer of crunches and the reverse kind, absolutely. I haven’t done any for 2 weeks now and noticed the difference. Back to it tomorrow!

  12. What a pain about not getting in the paper!! (love Lainey’s comment though!)

    You ARE a star. Keep shining!!

  13. You ARE a star, and don’t your forget it. I’ve had to accept to that this ‘middle-age’ thickeing arund my waist will be damn hard to budge!

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