I Did It!

Not only did I finish the Run for the Kids, I did it in under 2 hours. And that’s including the 10 minutes or so I spent in the queue for the toilets. I really thought it would take me at least 2.5 hours but I got to the 10 km mark and decided I wanted to finish in under 2 hours so I pushed myself to the end.

I also thought I’d be walking most of the 14.7 km but ended up running (well jogging) for most of it. The only time I really didn’t run was at the drink stops – I don’t think I’ll ever master drinking and running at the same time.

Every other time I’ve done a fun run, I’ve been holding out for the next km marker… thinking it must be coming up soon but today I passing them and thinking – have I done another km? I just seemed to be doing it so much easier. The only time I was looking out for the marker was at the 9 km mark, then I saw the 10 km marker so I’d gone past 9 without realising.

Some of the high points of the race:

  • At the 1 km, hearing the little Asian girl in front of me turn to her friend and say – have we only done one! Poor thing, but I had to laugh.
  • Running up Flinders Street and hearing the church bells ringing.
  • Running down the West Gate with all trucks hooting their air horns at us.
  • Crossing the finish line!

Some of the bad points:

  • Queuing for over 10 minutes for a toilet then realising the dude before me had left it in an unusable condition so having to wait for the other toilet.
  • Having the 4.5 km runners join up with us and having to dodge around people especially the mums with prams walking 4 or 5 abreast. Some people really need to get a clue.

There are a few things I’d do differently next time. For starters, I’d check the train timetable. I thought I’d left myself plenty of time but got to the station and it was over half hour wait for the train, meaning I got to the run with 7 minutes to get ditch my stuff and get to the finish line. I sprinted from the train, which was an unplanned warm up.

I should also have checked that the special Run for the Kids playlist I made for my ipod was actually on my ipod. I put it on to charge last night but it didn’t update. And I forgot my water bottle.

Oh yeah, and maybe I shouldn’t have walked the 3-4 km home! Yep, I’m that much of a glutton for punishment. Still it was a good cool down and I think my legs were on auto-pilot by that stage.

I can’t wait to read how everyone else went.


15 responses to “I Did It!

  1. Well done matey, yet another entry into the “Kathryn is a bloody machine/legend” journal!!!!!
    You must be on top of the world right now. I hope you don’t have anything too strenuous planned for this afternoon.

  2. I agree with Briony, you are a legend!! Look how far you have come on this journey! Well done, excellent job to day :o)

  3. Well done Kathryn. Fantastic job!!!!

  4. Congrats on your brilliant job. You must have been on fire to keep passing those marker points without hanging out for them. Enjoy your rest, you’ve really earned it!

  5. Well done Kathryn, I am so uber impressed! LOL and in classic style, you had a number of challenging things happen along the way but hey, it wouldn’t be your life any other way πŸ™‚ Glutton for punishment, absolutely. I hope you enjoy a well deserved rest now.

  6. CaramelKitKat

    ***And the crowd goes wild!!***

    You rock! The view from the West Gate is amazing and it would have been great to get to take your time (compared to driving over it) up there. As for walking home, that’s some cooldown.

    Last night I stumbled across the clip of you talking about Lustre Magazine and wowee! It looks like you had lost some weight there, but the difference between then and now is incredible. This might sound silly, but is your voice still the same? On the tape you sound like a voluptuous woman and I just can’t quite gel the voice with your new figure. Told you it was silly!

  7. ukvWhat a fantastic effort Kathryn, and certainly that’s a time to be really proud of! I am so in awe that you jogged most of the 14.7km too, wow! I’m currently reading everyone’s take of the run and it’s so great to read it though other people’s words. And quietly, I do agree with you about the prams – the extra ducking and weaving did make it all the more difficult :S Have a great evening winding down, Ails x

  8. You’re a machine girl!

  9. Congratulations Kathryn. That is fantastic. And to do it in under 2 hours, with a sprint before, and a walk afterwards. You are a mad woman. But a really awesome mad woman. LOL.

    So glad it was a great day and now you have set your benchmark for next year. WOW can you imagine the time you’ll set then. Can’t wait to read about those results.

  10. Well done on a great race – you really are an inspiration to us all !

    Keep up the good job and have a great week !

  11. The Points Cafe

    Congratulations! Your a champ!
    XX Shontie XX

  12. Sounds like you had a great run Kathryn. Congratulations on achieving another of your goals.

    Toilets…what can I say, not enough at the start line (huge queue at Telstra Dome) and definitely not enough on the course either.

    Pity that we couldn’t have met up. Maybe next run? Are you doing the Mothers Day Classic?

  13. WELL DONE!!!! you are fantastic! Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to cross that finish line?? I am so proud of you!

  14. woohoooooooooooooo! good on ya, legend πŸ™‚

  15. Congratulations! I envy your time.

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