At my age…

You know, I’ve been alive in this body for many years and I should know its workings by now but it seems not. Let me just say, if I’m bitching about too much snacking and not losing weight in four weeks time just give me a gentle reminder that us women have menstrual cycles. As my sister and I used to say when we were kids (oh, we still do as adults too) – “spell red backwards”. Yep – I’m a big DER!

I decided yesterday to have a massage before my run on Sunday to loosen up my lower back. I was planning on getting it done today but the only free appointment was at 6.00 last night. Fine by me.

I had a different girl from last time and she seemed a bit vague before she started but damn it was a good massage – she really focussed on the pressure points. I walked realising she’d fixed pain I didn’t realise I had. Not just the massage either – she really knew her stuff. One of the things she told me was that my lower back problems are likely to be because my glutes are under developed compared to my other muscles and I should really work on them and my abs to help my back.

She also told me I had problems with my left hamstring. I told her no way so she touched it and I nearly jumped through the roof – had to agree with after that.

Now the sensible thing to do after a massage is to rest up and drink lots of water to flush out the toxins. So where was I a couple of hours later? In a hot, sweaty mosh at The Darkness. Oh my god it was great. I can’t remember the last time I saw a band where the kiddies actually moshed. This was like old skool ’90s stuff – crowd surfers even. And damn violent too. I lasted three songs before I was out of there. I figured it’s better to watch the band than spend the night fighting for my life (well for my shoes anyway – they kept coming off).

I found my friend, Dave, and watched from a safer spot. Then someone had a seizure in the crowd so they stopped the show and mucked around on stage until they got the guy out. I’ve never seen a band do that before – they seemed genuinely concerned for his safety. You have to respect a band that does that. You have to also respect a band that rocks!

They came back on and I just had to run back up the front for my favourite song, like the big kid I am. A few songs later, I was ready to leave but they played a few AC/DC covers so I had to stick around.

A sweaty, bedraggled me finally limped out for the encore. I figured since I missed the gym yesterday, at least I got a bit of a workout. And yeah most of the kiddies up the front were younger than my son but there were a few old bastards (and at least I wasn’t playing air guitar like them).

My sister and I used to go see bands often in the ’90s. You’d think being thinner and a lot more fit now, I’d be able to handle the mosh better. But I realised last night it doesn’t work that way. The one and only ingredient that makes a difference is booze. When you’re drunk, you can get hurled around by the crowd without caring but sober you try to protect yourself.

I’m not sure what I’m doing today – was planning to do Pump class but I’m feeling less than ideal this morning. I’d put it down to a hangover if I’d had more than one beer. I have a horrid feeling I’m getting a cold. It’s hard to know how much is illness pain and how much is from my battering in the crowd.

On the one hand, I didn’t do a workout yesterday so feel like I should today but on the other, I want to be all fresh and peachy for the R4tK tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just do some weights etc at home later today. I might even do my yoga dvd. Then I think a quiet night with a carb heavy dinner and an inspirational movie – maybe Rocky or maybe Gallipoli. What are your legs?


5 responses to “At my age…

  1. Ha ha, “springs, steel springs” and they’re going to hurl you down the track as fast as a leopard!!! OK showing my age now, that’s enough.
    Sounds like you had an awesome night out, even if you did get pummelled! Personally i’d rather lick a dead cockroach than be in a mosh pit, no matter how drunk I was!! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like you had a ball and all on 1 beer. You are one brave chickie to get into a mosh pit – well done. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. ah, sounds like you are coming down with a case of mosh pit flu – that weird arse cold/flu/virus one gets after being sweated on by many a young lad and lassie. Had many a case myself back when I was a hip young thang. Getting older and getting knocked out at a Disposable Heroes mosh pretty much ended that era for me though…

  4. GALLIPOLI! but remember how that ends!

    sounds like a top concert. and how cool to fit into a band t-shirt! that has always been a dream o mine 🙂

    have a great time tomorrow!

  5. LOL thanks for the review, it sounded like a really good gig. I can’t do mosh anymore either. Toomany kicks to the head, ha and I was usually photographing!

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