I was having a think the other day, about the best bit of diet advice I could give (and this is something mentioned by Dietgirl and M recently, but I thought it before I read them… I’m not ripping them off, honest injun).

The one thing that works, that equals success is to start and keeping going. Keep going no matter what. Not letting a bad day or a bad week or the hugest boulder in your path stop you.

A year ago, I thought I could lose a few kilograms. I knew even losing 10% of my body weight, would have health benefits as far as my diabetes goes. So I started… like I had so many other times. And the only difference is, this time I didn’t stop.

When I was young, I went to a tea leaf reader and she told me I’d lose a lot of weight. She said I’d meet a man who’d support me and he’d say things like – if you can diet for a day, you can keep dieting. I’ve never met that man, and for a long time I couldn’t diet for a day. I couldn’t diet until mid morning. But then something clicked (and who listens to tea leaf readers anyways?)

Even after I started losing, for a long time I waited for the “magic” to stop. I found it hard to trust I could keep things up and, even though I was losing, I didn’t even mention my goal to lose 40 kgs to myself, let alone anyone else.

It amazes me just how far I’ve come – not just me but so many others. People who’s blogs I’ve been reading over the past year. I read recently only 10% of weight loss efforts work. I’d love to see the statistic on that for bloggers – I bet we’d kick the butt of those stats. I can’t think of anyone on my link list that doesn’t show steely persistance.

About a year ago, I challenged myself by walking to the local 7-11 and home again. It seemed like a huge thing to do and, for the last half a km I felt like dying. If a cab had been nearby, I’d have flagged it down to get home! I felt like that on Saturday too but this time it was 12 km not 3 and I ran most of it. That’s just one of the small changes in my life that astounds me.

Anyway, I’m interested – what other advice or wisdom do you think has helped you change to a healthier life?


12 responses to “Advice

  1. That’s such great advice. I’ve only been working on my diet for a few months now, but I just have to keep looking at it as one day at a time. Anything else can be too overwhelming. Luckily it’s been getting easier.

    I love your entries – reading about fellow bloggers success helps out too.

  2. *puts hands up*

    I show steely something. Right now it isn’t weight loss persistence, o maybe it is.

    Great advice.

    This really links into something a friend of mine said recently when I was sobbing my heart out about ‘starting all over again’ after pregnancy.

    He said “You’ve already started, ages ago, just finish it”.

    Those words floored me.

    and they match your advice perfectly dont they?

    I hate saying this, because it sounds cheesy, but I am inspired by all you have acheived. I am the girl who would call a taxi to come home from the corner store.

    My hat is off to ya Kathryn.

  3. you have said all that can be said…just keep going is the key. But definitely what helps me keep going has been two things, bloggers and exercise. Like you I cannot believe I now love exercise and it really helps pull me out of a slump if I fall ino one.

  4. What a great post – I too would like to see the stats for bloggers who get to goal and then maintain.
    You are right – the thing is to just keep plugging away at whatever it is that is working for you.
    Have a great day and take care !

  5. For some reason my comments don’t always appear on your blog – very strange.
    My piece of advice is something I really thought I’d never say. That touchy-feely visualisation shit actually works!

  6. Great piece advice came from ‘Dory’ in Finding Nemo – she says “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” or the Penguins in ‘Madagascar’ which say, “just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave”. Now obviously these aren’t health or diet related but they are my “get off your bum and continue” phrases. Well done on the 12kms on the weekend

  7. Aaaaaaah so true. That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it. You’ve gotta keep going. It’s the only secret to success! And it’s the only reason why so many people fail! They STOP! hehe

    I reckon you’re right about blogging too. I think it’s played a HUGE part in me sticking with this. There’s so much motivation and support, plus it makes you feel accountable too – in a way…

    Go us! all of us! w00t!

  8. Just keep at it…it is so true. I never thought I would last this long, when I get to a year and the scales are lower than a year ago, it will be a great day!

  9. What they said!

    I think fully embracing the dieting lifestyle is what is working for me. Every day I read about the way in which bloggers are pushing and testing themselves and if they can do it – so can I!

    And just keep going – if I stopped or gave up now – where would that get get me? And how would it make me feel?

  10. I think we would blow the stats sky high. In fact they would have to have separate stats just for us.

    And I probably ripped the idea off you first LOL.

    There is so much advice out there and other than just keep going I would have to say to find what works for you. Points are not for everyone, counting kilojoules will suit some and a combination of both may be what it takes. But be comfortable and stick to it. And realise that it is not about the diet, but about the life.

    Way to go on your running Kathryn. You are a very inspirational person 😀

  11. I totally agree with what you’ve said about keep on keeping on.

    It really is the way to make a dent in it all. never giving up hope.

    I think one of the things I’ve had to learn is not to be an all or nothing girl too. I shouldn’t expect to be 100% perfect all the time or 0% if I’m not.

    I was curious about those stats too, and I think you’re right about people with blogs, because this little community we’ve built seem to push and support those within it.

    As always, very thought provoking.

  12. What an awesome post Kathryn. You have come so far and not only have you helped yourself achieve great things but helped others by writing about your journey. Cheers to you babe!

    The three things I always tell people…

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