Gym Bitching

I saw the funniest thing at the gym today – have you ever watched people do Body Jam class? It reminded me of that Fat Boy Slim video from a few years ago. The instructor was getting so into it but he just looked so wrong. I was trying to do my stretches but I kept cracking up.

Lately, there have been some things bugging me about my gym. Do these things annoy anyone else:

  1. Instructors who rush through the stretches at the end of the class? You always get told to told stretches for at least 20 secs so how come it’s okay to do a 5 sec quad stretch after spin class?
  2. Instructors who put on music so loud, you can’t hear them over it? I’ve been caught out a few times in spin class – I just follow the instructor and don’t realise they are showing us what NOT to do.
  3. Or even the music in the gym being played really loud. Sometimes I have to have my ipod up full volume when I’m on the treadmill to drown out their shitty dance music. I’m sure that isn’t good for my ear health.
  4. Personal trainers who do their personal training close to my head when I’m stretching (or doing that lying on the mat trying to get the energy to get to the change room thing after stretching).
  5. Instructors who sing along with the music. Don’t. Just don’t.
  6. Instructors who want class participation. In the singing, not the exercise.

But I do like that we now have yummy Nivea apricot body wash in the showers instead of that generic soap stuff.

11 responses to “Gym Bitching

  1. OMG!!! I am so with you on instructors who SING….sooo sooo bad!

  2. Body Jam is THE best Les Mills workout available. I love it! Even though I probably look much worse than your instructor.

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

    yep i am with you on all of these. was only raging the other day about the loud gym thing, i am sure it’s not healthy for my ipod to be up so high.

    hate the quick stretches too. also hate people who leave for the stretches OR halfway through the stretches. is your life SoooOOoo important you can’t stay another 30 seconds!?!

  4. Just yesterday the my bodypump instructor split the class in two and made one half shout “Pump it” and the other half “Louder” along with the music.

    What? No thanks – this isn’t much fun on a Sunday morning without you being a pain in the arse to boot!

  5. Add to that list – people who douse themselves with perfume before there workout and people who don’t wash their gym clothes!

  6. Believe me if you want…. I used to do modern dance about 15 years ago and the ‘fill in’ instructor lit up a smoke…. no bullsh*t.

  7. You know what I hate? When wannabe trainers come up to you and tell you that you were doing that rower all wrong! For one it is totally opposite to what the real trainer said and two keep your eyes off me whilst I am doing what I am doing! (mind you it wouldn’t have been so bad if it was a hot young guy not some middle aged balding beer bellied man-NOT that I can hold that against him!)


  8. And another thing.. When a personal trainer is taking their client on a session and they hog 3 machines because they are doing circuits and one of them is the last machine you need to do before you are finished and then they get shitty because you dared change the weight on one and interupt them whilst they are poncing on the other machine.

    Well excuse me.

    I feel better now. Thanks 😀

  9. Sounds like you have a very entertaining gym. It must make for an interesting workout. People singing in a gym should never happen, NEVER!!!!!

  10. hehe are you at my gym? I HATE it! every single spinning class, the music is way way way too loud and we never ever get to stretch properly.. in fact, I usually go do more stretching afterwards coz I just don’t feel right hehe. All gyms really must be the same. Although we don’t get nice soap.

  11. Bwahaha gym bitching, so it’s all true! Now I have to go off and put on that Fat Boy Slim album 🙂

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