More Sunday Thoughts

I’ve had a good day – been full of beans, must have been that extra hour of sleep.

I decided to clean the bathroom today – the housework in this house gets so neglected. I guess that’s the problem with share houses. So I went to grab my ajax from the kitchen and it’s gone! I can’t imagine anyone scabbing a thing of ajax… it’s not like it’s chocolate biscuits or anything good. I scrubbed as best I could without it but it was not easy.

It’s so nice to have a weekend at home to get things done – laundry and cleaning and all that boring shit. The past two weekends have been such a whirlwind that things have got so unorganised.

After all that, I went into the city to do an RPM class. I got there early so popped into Borders and browsed through some running books. One of them said that the basic strength exercises you need to do are squats, crunches and push ups – if you don’t have the time or inclination, then they are the exercises you should focus on. So I’m thinking on concentrating on those for the time being.

The RPM class was strange. We seemed to spend a lot of time doing recoveries. I don’t go to class to recover. We had two instructors. I think one was new because she looked like a spotlit rabbit for most of the class. The other one seemed like he’d come straight from a nightclub and his party drugs hadn’t worn off yet – he was all with the woops and woos! I kept expecting him to pull out a disco whistle.

After that I went to visit my son and got the latest episodes of Veronica Mars from him. That show is like crack cocaine to me.

On the way home I went to the supermarket and stocked up on food until payday. I have been having trouble thinking of meals – and not having a microwave at the moment doesn’t make things easy – then I remembered stir fries. I haven’t made one in ages.

Also, this is so stupid, but I never buy sausages because I figure if I buy a pack at the supermarket, I’ll show no self control. But I was at the butchers today and realised – der – I can just buy one or two there. I got chicken and chive ones. Yum.

I had a chicken and hoisin stirfry for dinner and watched the latest Veronica Mars and got everything sorted for work tomorrow. That’s about it. Not an exciting day but I feel content and like I’ve acheived a lot.


8 responses to “More Sunday Thoughts

  1. That’s how I feel about my weekend too Kath – not a great deal achieved, but my house is clean, my fridge has food in it, and I got a few things done that I wanted to do. It’s good to have weekends like that when you’re on the go a lot.

    I’m with you on the needing new clothes for winter, and for work!!

    Hope you have a great week, and enjoy your sausages πŸ™‚

  2. i love weekends like that! I had an awesome weekend too. Don’t ya just *love* housework. I didn’t get around to doing all of what i wanted, but i will do the rest tomorrow. But sounds like you had a very productive and fun day! The sausages sounds yummo! i love the different flavours they come in, and the butchers ones are so much niced (and less fatty) than the basic thin sausages at the supermarket.

    Take care and have a great week chicky πŸ™‚

    Nat xo

  3. I hope to have that feeling in about 2 wash loads time. LOL. Will still have 3 to go but at least I would have made a huge dent. Isn’t it amazing that just one weekend or two missed makes such a mess in the house!!

    I am a huge fan of the butchers when it comes to sausages. I have been known to split a Coles bulk pack and quickly freeze the sausages in 3’s (1 for me and two for him) but then again I am also known to cook up the whole lot and eat far too many. I think it is safer going to the butchers.

    And re your last post I realised I needed new clothes when I went to get a long sleeved top and didn’t have one. Or a jacket. Only trackies and work clothes. Thank goodness for 20% off sales at Target and decent styles (finally) at Witchery and Portmans. I am now officially set for Autumn and hope I can drag most of the clothes through to Winter.

    Way to go on the running. You are just kicking butt at the moment. πŸ™‚

  4. I love Veronica Mars; I swear if I was about 15 years younger, I would be all over that Logan Echolls, ahh the bad boy ;).

  5. Dont know about the RPM class – strange. Now, do u prick your sausages??? It’s the age old debate hey? Apparently you leave them so the flavour stays in but I reckon you prick them so the fat can escape. What do you think?

  6. LOL at the gym experience (and the AJAX), I always wondered about the instructors and if they were for real πŸ™‚ Sometimes I miss the absurdity of living in a share house.

    Veronica Mars hey, I’ll have to get myself some. Have you ever seen Dead Like Me? We got the whole 2 seasons (now killed) but I think it’d be right up your alley. Very dark and very very funny.

    I wish I could make stir frys! It always sounds, looks and taste delish when someone else makes it. Time for me to try again LOL.

  7. haha… lol @ the RPM instructor!

    I had 3 comments to make and now I can’t think of a single one. DAMN!

    I love those weekends where you feel organised and content. (not that I’ve had one for a while!)

  8. Veronic Mars ………. that is the BEST show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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